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South Carolina

2007-08-11 09:18:38 by The-Scab

Yo, this is MM3 Williams just hangin' out at the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command learning how to be a Nuclear Machanic. I would say more but it is confidential, so I can't tell you. But in about a month I will be moving out of this hell hole to New York. So far this place sucks... I can't find one good thing about being here. Oh well, not too much longer.


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2009-11-05 10:54:24

well buddy how long until your done with this navy thing anyway? I've gotten accepted to Southeast Community College finally, no more Schwans bullshit to put up with thank god. Just don't get disheartened every body goes through some form of Hell in their lives be thankful you're getting yours out of the way early.

Your bestest Buddy,